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Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website.

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Top Roller Coaster of SEO that matter in 2019!

Top in rank is become asset factor for online business and in 2019 it is not easy, specially for e-commerce business competition is very healthy and Google webmaster is strong in find spammers.

Under all these circumstances, our award winning SEO experts knows how to create a suitable space for your website in Google, we always always prefer clear technique to implement your SEO campaign with 100% result guarantee according to your business, brand & keywords.

Here is your SEO check-list for your website :-

  • Always prefer clean code technique or error free website development.
  • Focus on your website size.
  • Use content, images or videos accordingly.
  • Try to develop modern device friendly website.
  • Share your real business information
  • Add social media channels
  • Higher top SEO agency
  • Blogging

Always prefer clean code technique or error free website development

Of course WordPress is beautiful way to create your website and easy, you never required specialist or developer even, you can even use free theme or scratches, but remember to implement business or successful online business you need experts touch, with various of options like WordPress, Laravel, or clean coding technique etc.

We suggest you to first develop your dream website under our experts who actually the secret sauce of business website and of course main point is SEO friendly website, because we suggest website as per our client business and

We are committed to give you zero 404 page, smooth and lite transit page and zero dead link, not only developer team but we mainly collaborate with SEO experts in developing your website.

Alternatively focus on below points for SEO friendly website designing process.

  • Always prefer clean code technique or error free website development.
  • Focus on your website size.
  • Use content, images or videos accordingly.
  • Try to develop modern device friendly website.
  • Share your real business information
  • Add social media channels
  • Higher top SEO agency
  • Blogging

Focus on your website size & Page loading

A successful e-commerce website size is under 3MB to 5MB ! Yes, this is the most creative task for any website designer and developer, sharing engaging, effective and impactful content with graphic, however the main factor is content size, like size of image, video sliders.

It is very important to focus on over all website image size, It is true that visitors take 3 to 5 seconds to judge your website and website loading always effect SEO result in redirecting factor from your off-line page to online page.

Use content, images or videos accordingly

For website, business and SEO content is king. Hence, uniqueness and new content is very important copy paste content or re-write content always casue spam and that's why provide healthy content for better SEO result under our SEO and Content writer teams.

Alternatively we recommend to take care of below points for creation and upload.

  • Don't forget to use "ALT TEXT" in your image and always link website keywords url in image
  • Use proper image and video description and transcript
  • Get keywords report from Adwords team and use proper in content
  • Must use new & unique content
  • Always feed your website with updated content

Proper content and correct placement with complete criteria is very important for search engine optimization.

Try to develop modern device friendly website

Of course it is our priority to develop computer & a laptop friendly website, but due large number of mobile phones, and smart device users, we always try to deliver all major devices & browser friendly website, which is a basic demand of search engine optimization, for example android, iOS, mobile, tab or Ipad, chrome , safari etc.

Share your real business information

Write strong about us content and describe your business accordingly, share your product details as well as contact details. Alternatively we suggest to add customer service details Like Call, E-mail, Chat etc.

Remember that about us and contact us pages are first optimize page. Hence, must define business details properly with products and keywords.

Add social media channels

First of all we suggest to focus on your social media pages because social media channels like "YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN" etc are very powerful option for traffic delivery.

Alternatively social media pages are your off-line page and your website is your on-line page, and with healthy engagement it is very easy to drive audience from social media to your website, you can contact our social media team for instruction and free consultation, click here

Add your all social media channel in your website at header & footer, social media channel can help a lot in your SEO campaign.

Higher top SEO agency

It is still an untold secret about SEO true strategy, because creating links or on page SEO is not actual SEO, we Mighty Waner as a top SEO agency in Dubai serve our clients with 100% SEO campaign success guarantee, because we believe that SEO is not about creating backlinks or updating contact but SEO is all about maintaining a healthy connection between search engine and website.

We always try to delight our clients with wide range of SEO service specially in Dubai, for E-commerce or service providers website we have multiple other plans and solutions.

You can contact us for free SEO consultation, just click here


Blogging is very important and authentic way to rank on google and source of traffic, because we cannot write about the same product multiple time on the same page, but blog writing is a beautiful way to boost your SEO campaign and with various of contents or keywords.

If you are reading the last paragraph then I'm sure you are interested and want to know more about SEO service or looking for SEO campaign for your online business growth, don't waste your time we would love to start healthy conversation with you let's schedule friendly discussion and for completely free SEO consultation, just click here


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